DeepSeeq Bioinformatics

Your partner for NGS and custom analysis

Bioinformatics and data mining are essential tools for a biologist today. At DeepSeeq Bioinformatics, we make these tools accessible to all researchers through customised, question-specific, and in-depth analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data.

Extracting biologically relevant information from massive amounts of sequencing data is challenging. We focus on interpreting this data in the context of the biological question. As experienced biologists working at the interface between biology-bioinformatics, we can help you obtain biologically relevant information from your NGS data.

Each research question is unique and requires customised data analysis. Based on the research question, and after a detailed discussion with the client about the type of output important for their research, we provide customised services, rather than an output from a standard pipeline.

Our services include standard NGS analysis such as the analysis of transcriptomes, DNA-protein interactions, small RNAs, genome assembly, and variant calling, as well as custom analysis such as custom mining of biological databases or pattern recognition.

As research scientists with rich experience in diverse fields of biology, we understand the importance of thorough, transparent, and timely research; we value these principles at DeepSeeq Bioinformatics. In addition, we offer the flexibility of working with clients at any step of the analysis pipeline.

We are biologists with over 20 years of research experience. We have worked in reputed research institutes in India, UK and USA, supervised many research projects, and have authored several publications.

Our clients include scientists from reputed institutes like the Indian Institute of Science, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, and St John’s Research Institute.

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