What we offer

We offer a spectrum of bioinformatics data analysis services. Our services include analysis of next generation sequencing data as well as custom analyses. Explore the links below that describe some of our analysis pipelines. If you are looking for a particular service not listed here, please contact us.

Our services are available to researchers from diverse fields.

· Academicians: If you are an academician who would like to test your hypothesis in a global, whole-genome level but are apprehensive about establishing a set-up for downstream bioinformatics analysis, we can be your partners for the analysis. We can work with you right from planning your experiments.

· Industrial Researchers: If you are in the biotechnology industry and looking for quick turn-around and value for money in your bioinformatics projects, we offer speedy assistance.

· Clinician: If you are a clinician requiring assistance in interpreting patient sequence data, we can analyse and present the data in a simplified, clinically relevant way.